Android dreams – Last Stand

A vision of the future. Genetically made beings – replicants – physically resembling humans – are being used for dangerous tasks in extraterrestrial colonies. As a result of a rebellion with their participation in one of such colonies, the presence of replicants on Earth is considered illegal. Special police units, called “blade runners”, are tasked with catching and eliminating disobedient units.

The plot of the film focuses on a group of replicants hiding in Los Angeles and a suspicious hunter, Rick Deckard, who tracks them. In one of the interviews, Ridley Scott said about the film: I finished “Blade Runner” and it was a disaster! Investors were choking on me, groaning that I could not end the movie with a scene where Deckard picks up origami, then looks at the girl, walks over to the elevator and nods. “You can’t do that!” they screamed. “Yes, you can,” I replied and added, “This is film noir,” and they said, “What is that film noir?”

Then the problem arose. But we still see the resemblance in Maura Ladosz’s work where the model is a look-alike replicant “Racheal”. The world created for the needs of this photoshoot is important. Perhaps more importantly, because of its wealth and enormous cultural heritage. The care with which it was designed and recreated even today arouses considerable admiration. Young Girl performed by Monika Milenczuk depending on the context can be a futuristic Fame Fatale or lady looking at a replica of a human.

In photography, as in life, she is primarily fascinated by storytelling, because this is what life is about – it is a never-ending story, heroes’ adventures, emotions, experiences, adventures. Beginning, middle, ending. All of this must be included in the story I tell in my photos. -Maura Ladosz.

Photography Maura Ladosz

Model Monika Milenczuk

Mua Monika Bojsan

Hair Piotr Rybarczyk

Fashon Paulina Bukowska

Art Director Monika Bojsan

Written by Natalia Jedrasiewicz Edited by Kamila Krzyzaniak

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