A modern master of the still life genre,- James Gillick




James Gillick is delighted to be able to share the catalogue for a selling exhibition of twenty-six new paintings; an opportunity to enjoy the most recent works in this superlative artist’s oeuvre.

A modern master of the still life genre, James’ work ‘belongs to the distinguished genealogy of William Nicholson, Morandi, & Fantin-Latour [reaching] back to Luis Meléndez and beyond’ (Gabriele Finaldi, Director, National Gallery, London). Using a restricted palette, his intimate and atmospheric paintings are imbued with a quiet stillness, showing a rare skill at capturing the delicate play of light upon surfaces from polished silver to the soft blush of flowers. Painted in natural light, his meditative scenes commemorate the simplicity of beauty.

The thought dedicated to the balance of his composition is matched by the care with which he prepares his materials. Employing methods dating back to the sixteenth century, James handcrafts every element of his paintings, from stretcher to varnish. Using only the purest pigments in his oils, he ensures their quality and longevity.

“The longer I work, the more I understand the privilege of working with traditional paints and the archipelago of complimentary materials that support them in a painting. When I use them, I feel like a man from a simpler, more wholesome time.” – James Gillick, 2023

The works will be on view in public for the first time at the Chelsea Flower Show, 22nd – 27th May 2023. James has 12 exhibitor passes available. Those who wish to attend the Flower Show to see James’ work and review it, should get in touch with Sharon Scott as soon as possible.

You may make the long trip to visit the artist’s Lincolnshire studio, as many clients do. Those who wish to should get in touch with Sharon Scott.Print ready JPEGs of all the paintings are available on request. Those who require them should get in touch with Sharon Scott.

Print ready PDFs of individual catalogue pages are available on request as are transcripts of the written parts of the catalogue. Those who require them should get in touch with Sharon Scott.


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